Damavand Acclimatization

In technical terms it is not difficult to trekk to Mount Damavand in summer season. But physically it is a hard climb. The major difficulties are Damavand Weather, sulfur smokes and the acclimatization. The fact is that the air gets thinner with less oxygen as you go higher. To increase your chance of success and to lower the risk of AMS and also to enjoy a safe trek to this magnificent mountain it is essential to have a proper acclimatization for this giant volcano. The best mountain resorts to acclimatize for those who intend to trek from south route are Camp 1 Polour Hut at 2250 m and Camp3 Bargah New Hut at 4250 m.

Mount Damavand Iran, Camp3 Bargah Sevom New Hut
Mount Damavand Iran
Camp3 Bargah Sevom New Hut 4250 masl

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The new first campsite is called polour, polur or poloor. The older first campsite is called reineh, rayneh, reneh or reyneh. Damavand Iran, How to Acclimatize, Damawand Acclimatization, Mountain Federation camps. Demawand skitouring expedition. Iran Hiking & trekking, ski touring and climbing tours. Mount climbing and ski mountaineering guide. Useful link Damavand Forum. The middle campsite or the second campsite is called basecamp (base camp) or Goosfand Sara or Mosque.The last campsite or the third camp is called Bargah Sevom or panagah sevom.  Snowboarding in Iranski resorts. Best services and logistics for incoming mountain tourism to Iran. Ski and snowboard tours to Iran ski resorts. Damavand acclimatization in Iran Mount Federation camps and resorts. Iran Mountain FederationIran campsite, shelter, hut, refuge and resort.

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